AboutOur Studio



At our digital agency, we don’t just create websites and brands. We make them seen and heard, loud and clear.
Founded by the visionary Itai ben zeev, a full stack developer and innovative designer, our agency has been collaborating since 2018, bringing together the finest specialists in their respective fields.

Strong values we stand by

  • 01 Approachable

    We’re not your typical tech-savvy bunch. We pride ourselves on being human and relatable. No jargon, no complexity. We understand you, your clients, and your business on a personal level.

  • 02 Strategic

    We know that every digital interaction matters. By delving into the intricacies of your users’ journey, we identify key touchpoints that hold the potential for greater value. Our focus is on making those moments count.

  • 03 Empathy

    First impressions leave a lasting impact. Our mission is to ensure that your users not only grasp your values and identity but also empathize with them. We create experiences that forge meaningful connections from the start.

  • 04 Creative

    Interactions lie at the heart of our digital products and creative processes. Through innovative design and intuitive development, we enhance every interaction between users, businesses, and ourselves. Our aim is to make those connections invaluable

  • 05 Sustainable

    We believe in building for the long term. With clever design, best practices in development, and meticulous testing, our products are built to withstand the test of time. Scalable solutions enable our clients to grow and achieve their ambitions.

  • 06 Reliable

    Trust is the foundation of our relationships. Our transparent workflow, unwavering dedication to deadlines, and unwavering support have earned the trust of our clients. Together, we create enduring partnerships based on shared values..

Our View From the Office

Since 2018, we׳ve partnered with
some great brands